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Stages Involved in The Divorce Process.

A divorce is normally seen as the only option for a marriage that is experiencing problems that cannot be solved. The content of this article shows the procedure to be followed during a divorce process. The person who wants the divorce has to first file a petition which is the first step as outlined below. The petition mainly has information required by a state for the divorce. This provision of information that serves as content of the petition is normally done with the help of a legal professional.

The next stage involves requesting of temporary orders. Divorce process is long and this might not sit well with some spouses Reason being the process affects some of their activities negatively and has to be done with in the shortest time possible. The court therefore allows a party to seek these orders if the content of the requests are sufficient enough to prove the need for the issuance of temporary orders.

The third stage involved in the divorce process is service and wait of response from your spouse. This document that is served is called proof of service. Proof of service is proof that you have already acquired the qualities that enable you to issue a copy of the divorce petition to your spouse. This is to enable proceeding with the process. A spouse can be served in many ways. The spouse is then supposed to reply to the content of this document. A specific period of time is used by the spouse to avail the reply to the service before a court of law.

Some couples may face difficulty in coming to an agreement on some things. This stage needs the spouses to come to an agreement in order to continue with the rest of the divorce process. Some circumstances in this stage may lead to the inclusivity of other parties. They should be neutral and should ensure that they provide the best way of coming to an agreement. The lawyers of these couple can carry out mediation to create understanding. After reaching a common understanding a suitable solution is found.

If the stage above is not successful, couples may have to go for trial in a divorce court. It can be caused by the content of the mediation not bringing about an agreement. During this type of a situation the court is given mandate by the rule of law to carry out a hearing. After listening to both parties the court makes a ruling on the diviorce. It is done by signing a document known as judgment of divorce. After this sign the marriage officially ends. The content of this document show how different aspects of the divorcees lives will go on.